Candida albicans and Multiple Sclerosis - Sally Morrinson's Story

Candida albicans and Multiple Sclerosis

This is the story of a woman whose health was seriously and permanently damaged by a cocktail of antibiotics prescribed to treat nothing more than a sore throat.

It also describes the long term symptoms and the action taken to combat them by careful application of a strict diet and self imposed treatment.

Sally Morrinson's Story

In the autumn of 1980 I visited a doctor with nothing more than a sore throat. Within three days I was given two different types of antibiotics. The combination of these drugs gave me 'pseudo membranous colitis'. Over the next four and a half years I suffered some very disturbing symptoms.

In 1985 I was diagnosed as having multiple sclerosis. I knew that the medical profession had given me this illness from the antibiotics prescribed to me in 1980, but I could not prove it at that time. I was blind, partially deaf and totally crippled, but by amazing luck I discovered the condition 'Candida albicans' and I knew instinctively that this was what I had been suffering from since the 'pseudo membranous colitis' I had endured from the antibiotics.

The first few years of being diagnosed with multiple sclerosis were very difficult. Not only was my husband Gordon, trying to run his business, but he was also having to care for me at the same time. Despite our adversity I managed to bring myself back to life and by 1988 I was walking with the aid of one stick and could partially see, hear and speak coherently again.

In 1994 my husband's business suffered serious problems after a solicitor had made a terrible mistake over some land purchases. We now found ourselves in litigation through absolutely no fault of our own. The next few years were very traumatic; the stress we both suffered was overwhelming.

I was still battling with my illness and in 1998 I felt elated about what I had achieved. Unfortunately because of the terrible legal situation we were still enduring, life was now becoming more stressful and I suffered a bad accident.

I was given a total hip replacement; the three and a half hour operation had a dreadful affect upon my condition. I felt absolutely gutted, especially when I consulted an orthopaedic surgeon some while after the surgery and was informed that the operation had been unnecessary.

I purchased the x-rays and they showed a fractured hip, not the x-ray of a crumpled hip I had been shown at the hospital where I had been given the hip replacement.

The treatment we had been subjected to by the medical profession had been utterly disgraceful. I firmly believe that I became ill in the first place after a doctor had prescribed the two different types of antibiotics within days of each other. Because my flora had then been seriously damaged, four and a half years later, when 'Candida alibicans' (one of our bad bacteria) had become out of control and entered my bloodstream, crippling and blinding me, I was then diagnosed as having Multiple Sclerosis.

It is a bit of a shock to discover that antibiotics could damage your intestinal flora to such a degree that you could eventually end up with a serious illness, in my case, Multiple Sclerosis. I was always under the (obviously misguided), impression that multiple sclerosis was an illness any unfortunate person could begin to suffer by chance, slowly deteriorate and that the medical profession had no idea why a person would suddenly begin to develop it.

It is very sad; I feel that if a person has been given the diagnosis of multiple sclerosis then this also brings an attitude problem with it. I felt that my life changed dramatically after the hip operation and I certainly do not believe that I am the same happy person that I once was.

How many people are there who have also been given Multiple Sclerosis and other serious illnesses from antibiotics? I try to keep away from the medical profession and I am utterly convinced that I would now be in a very sorry state if I had taken their drugs. I do realise that for every doctor there are many patients who demand medication and do not realise that in some cases they can help themselves without drugs.

If I was able to bring myself back to life, without any medical intervention, after being totally crippled, (apart from movement in my neck), blind and deaf, then others could surely do the same.

I am not a religious person, but I do understand that many people need to have something to believe in and that what ever that might be, can in many cases bring great comfort. I can only say that all I ever believed in was myself and the overriding feeling that common sense would prevail in the end.

I survived a living hell
I have kissed the face of death
I am a thousand years wiser.
S.M. 1987

I have written this book in the hope that it will help anyone suffering from a Candida alibicans related illness. This is not a medical book, and I am not a doctor.

My story details the events in 1980 and the symptoms I suffered thereafter. The observations I have made are based upon my experiences and are not claimed to be a panacea for all ailments.

The progress I made was entirely due to the elimination of certain foods from my diet, especially the ones feeding the yeast organism, 'Candida albicans' and the supplementation of yeast and sugar free vitamins and minerals. I have not sought help from the medical profession in my efforts to bring myself back to a better state of health.

I am pleased to say that many Doctors in this country are now beginning to understand this condition and the problems that can arise from it.

Sally Morrinson.

Details of the diet I used to bring myself back to a better state of health are included.

Over 100 gluten free recipes are contained within the book to aid recovery.

This book is dedicated to my husband.

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